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“Walter helps encourage good reading habits for my daughter!”

“I love Walter because Walter facilitates a good reading habit for my 7-year-old daughter. The interesting sound effects of Walter and the colorful pictures of the books in the Child’s First Library of Learning motivate the children to learn and read!

Napat, age 7, said, ‘I love Walter because it’s fun and teaches me new things every day!’”Image

[Tippawan Sirinantanakul. Thailand. June 2012.]

Coming soon to you – ETL Learning Diary 2012

This year’s diary features:

  • A beautiful cover with images of ETL Learning characters and kids
  • An introduction and history of ETL Learning
  • Brief descriptions with images of all the products
  • An annual planner to mark important dates
  • Wider pages to fit in more appointment

Please check with your distributors how you can get one of these.

And remember the last date to get your ETL Learning Tumbler is 30th November.

Singapore: Launch of 3D Thrillers – new customer premium

A Child’s First Library of Learning – product knowledge

How good is your product knowledge of A Child’s First Library of Learning and Walter? Take this quiz and find out…

  1. What four areas of knowledge are covered in CFL?
  2. How many questions does CFL have in total? And spread over how many pages?
  3. How many entries are there in the Glossary and Index book?
  4. When were the contents last updated?
  5. How many pages does the User Guide have?
  6. What’s the main feature of the book covers? And the benefit?
  7. What are the five standard features of every CFL spread?
  8. What’s the difference between ‘mini-data’ and ‘try this’?
  9. Do you know at least one question and answer from each of the 24 books?
  10. What’s the weight of the full CFL package?
  11. How many pages, and languages, does the Walter User Manual have?
  12. How many accessories come with Walter? Can you name them?
  13. Do you know the quick URL (web address) for registering Walter online?
  14. How many speakers are there in Walter?
  15. How many levels of volume are there in Walter?
  16. What are the functions of the pink and blue buttons on Walter?
  17. What’s the audio cable for?
  18. How many minutes of audio can you record on Walter?
  19. How many sound files are embedded on each page of CFL? Each book? In total?
  20. How many different types of sounds are there? What are they?
Anyone with 18 or more correct answers – without looking up the product or prospectus?

ELP CD-ROMs troubleshooting

Have you heard of any issues with ELP CD-ROM serial number from your customers? Even if you haven’t, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with two common problems that some of the customers seem to be facing:

  1. You are asked to input the serial number every time you insert a CD-ROM on the same computer.
  2. When you input the serial number, you see a message that the serial number has been registered on three computers already.
The above usually happens when the ‘local storage’ setting in Adobe Flash Player is set to ‘zero’. To change the settings, follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to Adobe Flash Player
  2. Right click on Verification page
  3. Choose “Setting”
  4. Go to “Local Storage”
  5. Set the “Local Storage Size” to Unlimited
  6. Uncheck “Never Ask Again”
  7. Click “Close”

Please note that the serial number is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown on the CD-ROMs. Users require Flash Player version 8 or above to play the CD-ROMs. An upgrade of Flash Player is available at this link. You may also provide this troubleshooting link on our website to your customers.

Early Learning Program: CD-ROMs preview

This short video provides a quick introduction to the new CD-ROMs that now come with ELP. This will help you familiarize yourself with the verification process, membership registration, sample games and other features and functions. Please view and leave your comments, about the CD-ROMs as well as the video.


See more videos from ETL Learning here.

Walter Tutorial Videos with Subtitles

Walter Tutorial Videos are now available with four language subtitles. You may use the following links to view them on YouTube:

  1. Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Simplified Chinese
  3. Traditional Chinese
  4. Thai

These videos are not only useful for salespeople to familiarize with the setup, functions and use of Walter but can also be forwarded to customers when they have a problem with Walter.


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