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“The Total Development Program is very useful!”

“The Total Development Program I bought for my only child is very useful to him. It develops his knowledge, skills and values. I particularly love the Values package because I have noticed significant improvement in my son’s personality. Once he starts using the package he has built a stronger learning interest within a short period of time.

I take this opportunity to thank Pioneer House Learning for giving this very valuable package to steer up my son’s life from early age.”

[Mr & Mrs Channa Abeygoonawardene. Sri Lanka. November 2012.]

ETL Learning products help improve a child’s knowledge and English skills!

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is books. In our constant hunt for good books, we discovered ETL Learning. We love A Child’s First Library of Learning, Early Learning Program, and Learning Math with Albert!

Our three-year-old son, Ivan, loves books. Ever since he started reading these books and using Walter, not only has his vocabulary improved but as parents our view on how much a child can grasp has widened.

We are glad and relieved that our child will grow up with confidence to face all sorts of competition in our fast paced world. And we are so pleased we are raising a reader!”

[Vijay Metla. India. August 2011.] 

“Walter gives life to every page of book!”

“I love A Child’s First Library of Learning because my son enjoys listening to Walter while browsing through the books. Walter gives life to every page of the book, thus making reading a very exciting activity not only for my five-year-old son but also for my three-year-old daughter!”

[Myra Jaurigue. Philippines. September 2012.]

“I love the animal sounds and the songs!”

“I love Walter because my children have learnt so much with this device! The interesting sounds and colorful pictures encourage them to keep reading the books and learning with Walter!

My 7-year-old child said, ‘Walter is funny! I love the animal sounds and the songs!’”

[Shanti Susanti. Indonesia. August 2012.]

“The Total Development Program allows my kids to learn in a fun and effective way!”

The Total Development Program has given me a new direction towards parenting – the interaction between my kid and me has drastically improved! I always play English-Time DVDs at home for my daughter. She picked up so many English phrases such as “How are you?”, “Nice to meet you”, etc. even at the age of two! She is also a big fan of Walter and enjoys using the Walter pen to learn new words!

The Total Development Program not only enlightens parenthood, but also allows my kid to learn in a fun and effective way!

[Priyanka Bahri. India. June 2011.]

“The Total Development Program is the best educational program for my kids!”

“I love Walter because it attracts my children’s attention instantly from the first time I started teaching him how to use it. The dramatization from Walter fosters my children’s absorption rate tremendously. They can remember all the information by listening only twice. Their pronunciation has improved too after they record their own voice and correct their mistakes.”

[Jacquline. Singapore. August 2012.]

“CFL can really be an addiction for child and parent alike!”

“I like every book of A Child’s First Library of Learning and the interactive learning device Walter! Walter helps break the ice and hook the kid. It can really be an addiction for child and parent alike!

An interesting anecdote: Our family was discussing ‘camouflage’ as part of my eldest son’s standard curriculum. I was wondering how a brown and black tiger could hide in the grass. My nine-year-old son replied, ‘Yeah! It’s because animals can only see black and white’ and his tone said ‘Didn’t you know what already, Mama?’

My second son, age 4, has been using the books for the past three years. He’s hooked to Walter and uses the books to supplement what he learns at school such as means of transport, wild life, hygiene, etc. The list is just endless!”

[Aparna Sai Ganesh. India. July 2012.]

“Walter is a useful and efficient tool for my child to learn English!”

“I love Walter because Walter is a useful and efficient tool for my child to learn English! The recording feature of Walter allows him to improve his pronunciation. He can also listen to English songs and poems!

I always thought reading is boring, especially for kids! But because of Walter, reading becomes interesting and is a lot of fun!”

[Carrie Cheung. Hong Kong. July 2012.]

“Whenever my son asks me a difficult question, I’m able to answer him with the help of the Knowledge series!”

“I love A Child’s Library of Learning (Knowledge) series from ETL Learning because it teaches my family a variety of knowledge around the world. Whenever my four-year-old son asks me a difficult or tricky question, for example, ‘Why do we see a moon in the Day? What is Scorpion?’, I am able to answer him in details with the help of the book series.

Many thanks to Walter, who has made our life simpler to learn more about our surroundings. My son always enjoys listening to different sounds of the wild animals, the musical instruments, etc. made by Walter!”

[Ann. India. June 2012.]

“Walter helps me learn faster!”

“I Love Walter because it helps increase my children’s (age 2 and age 6) interest in learning. The sounds of Walter make the books more alive. Walter also teaches them the correct pronunciation of English words. It’s worth every penny for me.

Kyle, age 6, ‘Walter helps me learn faster!’”

[Valerie Chua. Philippines. June 2012.]

“Walter helps encourage good reading habits for my daughter!”

“I love Walter because Walter facilitates a good reading habit for my 7-year-old daughter. The interesting sound effects of Walter and the colorful pictures of the books in the Child’s First Library of Learning motivate the children to learn and read!

Napat, age 7, said, ‘I love Walter because it’s fun and teaches me new things every day!’”Image

[Tippawan Sirinantanakul. Thailand. June 2012.]

“My daughter especially loves the sound effects from Walter!”

“I Love Walter because it provides me with so much knowledge that I can teach and explain to my 6-year-old daughter! I don’t have to guess the answers anymore and I’m also learning!

My daughter, Nanet, especially loves the sound effects from Walter! Thanks Walter!”

[Teti. Indonesia. May 2012]

“I Love Walter because it’s very easy to use and has so many interesting facts!”

“Walter is very easy-to-use and my children (age 4, 7 and 9) can learn with Walter by themselves anytime they want. My children said they love Walter because it has so many interesting facts and helps them in school work, particularly in the areas of science, nature and life!”

[Farhain Binte Sulaiman. Singapore. May 2012.]

The colorful illustrations and Walter have made reading and learning easier for my son!

I love A Child’s First Library of Learning series because it greatly stimulates my son’s imagination and enhances his learning experience. My son, Rain, started to use the series when he was 20-months-old. The colorful illustrations and interesting sounds made by Walter have made reading and learning easier for him.

Now, Rain has turned three years old and has started to attend a Montessori school. On the first day of school, Rain’s love and interest for reading was very evident. He ran straight to the shelves filled with books instead of the shelves filled with toys. He just sat there reading and learning happily!

Thank you Fiway Marketing and ETL Learning!

[Dr. Michieko Modesto. Philippines. June 2011.]


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